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14 Lamborghini registered Sofia, 110 bentalia, 248 – Porters

Doncho Barbalov

We make e-invoices – the owners themselves are able to calculate the amount of new payment, says Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov

14 lamborniites are registered in Sofia. Bentley has 110 Sofia residents and 248 applicants. Among the hiking cars, there are registered 4 cars "Chaika", 177 trabants and 207 Moskvicha, according to the Sofia municipality report at the "24 hour" request.

The biggest car brand in Sofia is Volkswagen. There are 50,352 drivers on different models. The following are Opel – 36 019 and Skoda – 12 597.

13,085 are recently registered cars in the capital from January to early September. They are 1641 more compared to the same period in 2017 – then they were 11 444. Most of them are new eco-efficient Euro 6 – 12 946 and Euro 5 – only 17. Total cars with Euro 6 and Euro 5 registered capital are 103 781, tax offices according to the information. Electric cars are 254.

After the changes in local tax and fee laws, which introduce the concept of new car taxation from 2019, the Metropolitan Municipality selects the minimum tax rates set by the legislator. This proposal will be submitted to Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov. By law, they differ from old and new cars. The gap between Euro 3 and Euro 4 is expected to increase by 10-20 per cent and Euro 4's rise in ecological factors will mean a 20 to 60 per cent decline.

The changes affect virtually all car owners – some increase fees and others reduce.

"We believe that every third tax reduction in Sofia will make an online calculator so that owners can be more easily involved, enabling them to assess a new tax rate," Barbalov said.

Preliminary financial statements show that the owner of Opel Corss since 1994 without the Eurostar and the lower power already pay 32 leva instead of the current 23 levies.

Pole in 1999 without the Euro standard 9 instead of the plate, the tax rate is 32 leva.

However, the new Volkswagen Passat is reduced – the BGN 482 becomes BGN 402. The owners of the BMW X6 instead of BGN 2,500 owe 1,700 BGN.

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