Bitcoin extraction requires three times more energy than before

Bitcoin extraction requires more energy than digging metals, such as copper and gold, according to the publication of Nature Sustainability, Fortune writes.

As emphasized in the report, extracting the most popular cryptosave requires about three times more US dollars than what was requested in the query gold mine.

Researchers Oakley Institute of Science and Education Ohio also compare the consumption needed to remove other cryptoutools and find that costs are usually higher than Mining gold mines. However, aluminum mining requires significantly higher energy than any other metal and cryptobult compared to research.

Extraction and decryption require a lot of different skills and tools.

CryptoLabbit output is a process where a "mineral" packs as a block block of a transaction block, a transaction log.

Work requires powerful computers, servers, and cooling devices, all of which increase the rising energy costs. In some countries, energy costs make Bitcoin expensive as mining.

The extracted energy of Bitcoin is expected to triple this year, and if this happens, the energy consumption required will exceed all countries in the world.

The trend has led some municipalities to raise energy prices for cryptobull extraction projects.

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