Sunday , April 11 2021

: Counterfeit crushed crushed Citroen ::

The owner of the crashed car "Citroen" found his car completely boneless 20 days after the event. At a Tvard, a 32-year-old resident suffered a traffic accident near Kazanlak airport on October 23, and because of the impossibility of carrying it, he wanted to leave it in place. On March 13, a woman went to a mechanic and a tug, but found that virtually her car was left alone in the body and in two rings.

Unknown thieves removed head, rechargeable battery, gas and gas injection, hydraulic pump, computer assembly, water heater and both headlamps.

The cameras were not humorous, witnesses in police surveillance, with a mark bearing the inscription: "If you're not going to fix it, take it the next time!"

Pre-trial charges have been taken to deal with the criminal record data as a result of the offense referred to in section 195 (1) (4) of the Criminal Procedure Code. Recordings of neighbor cameras have been taken but are unlikely to be useful due to low resolution.

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