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Does sex burn calories? Perfect confusion! – curious – news about lifestyles, style, diets, fashion

Why can not you replace good workouts if you want to lose weight and why the complete failure of carbohydrates is harmful – Healthy nutritionist Camilla Akerberg confuses these myths, writing a channel3.

First Fraud: Sex is counted as an exercise

One of the most common myth you is that between the sheets is a nice crackling burn as many calories as a mile and a half of the cross. The study published by PLOS ONE shows that men have an average of 100 calories of sex and women – about 69 calories.

According to researchers, men consume an average of 4, 4 calories per minute per sex, while the men's health magazine lists 3.1 calories for women. One study estimated that a six-minute sexist for about 30 years burns only 20 calories, which is just 14 more than sitting on the couch and watching television, Body + Soul reports.

Therefore, the argument that sex can replace sport and physical activity is a complete disenchantment.

Another confusion: Complete squatting is needed for thousands of squatters

Camilla Akerberg assures that there are other ways to achieve the desired rigid neck, instead of making thousands of squats for a thousand hours.

"One thing is certain: there is no need for hundreds of squatters," says the Australian who for years has avoided similar payments due to serious back injury. "They are excellent training, but there are enough different moves."

Third Misconception: The daily calorie count decreases

Permanent daily calorie calculation is not healthy, even more so that it will stick to people and will not last long.

Fourth phenomenon: Eat green vegetables, which completely ban sugar and alcohol

A healthy diet includes a lot of vegetables, but only green can not stand, Camilla assures. He believes that a balanced diet of vegetables, vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, healthy fat and good carbohydrates is key to long-term results.

"If you're too tight for yourself and keep yourself totally from sugar and alcohol while remaining green, the most probable outcome is to stop the diet and penetrate overexploits," said Camilla Ackerberg.

"It is important to get as many raw materials as possible to avoid processed foods and those with low nutritional value." Alcohol is periodically acceptable and moderate – it stimulates hunger, "recalls the expert.

Fifth Drift: All carbohydrates are prohibited

Certainly in recent years you have heard the spell that if you want to lose weight you have to remove the carbohydrates from the menu. Studies support this requirement somewhat, but the complete ban on this group may disturb the balance.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, so with the right quantity and quality they bring the body feeling satiated and it definitely helps with weight loss.

Cinnamon, brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, dairy products and potatoes – these are some real carbohydrate sources that provide long-term energy and which stabilize blood pressure. They also improve mood because they regulate hormones such as serotonin and insulin.

The complete lack of carbohydrates is another risk, according to Australian nutritionist Lindi Cohen. "Even if you take a pound of carbohydrates in your diet, you do not want to do it for the rest of your life, and usually after a complete deficiency when you start your diet with carbohydrates, you'll quickly return to your weight," he says.

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