Monday , March 8 2021

El Maestro: We take professionally! We are doing a very serious job on vacation

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CSKA Nestor El Maestro was happy with the 3-0 victory over Vitosha (Bistritsa) after the first match of the 15th round, although victory came to the finishers in the fourth quarter.

"Every game is tough, but I'm happy with concentration and professional performance, because we had to win and we did it, the result is just as good, and now we have an interrupt for national teams, which is an advantage for us, because we do a serious job next week. We had to deal with serious his opponent, who was well-organized. Vitosha came here to defend myself. I believed that players could paint a kick. It will always be more relaxed when you score at the beginning and vice versa. leave your opponent out of our door and we create situations, I am also starting to get nervous, but I was confident, that we would be garbage, "said the coach after the match.

"Vitosha tried to play a bit deeper, more compact, invest more in the defensive football, I do not know if it is more difficult." The result is quite similar. The first goal changed everything and it was not so bad in 80 minutes, we were totally focused, "made El Maestro a comparison of the Cup match against the same rival.

"From the first day I know the support of the leader, I think they support me in personal discussions," the expert concluded.

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