Friday , March 5 2021

More than 3 Hour Block E-79 Blagoevgrad Near Protest (PHOTOS) – BLITZ

In the third hour Blagoevgrad exit at the E-79 end of the Poligona area. Protests against the cost of politics, the civil liability and the cost of vehicle taxes are strong, so that they will not be released until the government resigns from channel 3.

The E-79 sounds like a patriotic and folk song, people are known. Military transport helicopter flew.

The main road is blocked, as is the crossroad – the third road through Strumsko-Dolno Tserovo and Zheleznitsa.

There were only a few cars for the protesters who went to the wedding bridal, groom and marriages. There has not been any change since there is no excitement now, the presence of the police is intensified.


Photos: BGNES

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