Friday , March 5 2021

Poor: Dead illness falls to anyone who does not sleep in complete darkness – BLITZ

People who do not sleep in complete darkness are more likely to develop oncology and cardiovascular disease, Russian scientists reported on news agencies. "The connection with excessive illumination, mainly in large cities, and the risk of developing various diseases – mainly cardiovascular and oncological – is becoming increasingly clear," said Somaliolog Alexander Kalin, head of the Sleep Medicine Center at Moscow State University.

According to him, light is the most important regulator of production of melatonin hormone. Each cell has its own clock, it has its own cycle that melatonin adjusts. "If we stay too bright in the evenings or use computer equipment, it will cut melatonin production into a later hour and cause sleeping problems," said Kalink.

An important role in health is also awakening – what he read to

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