Shock at Farm's new boss! – Blitz


Unlike the "real" viewers of Feralat who were aware that one of the farmers who had left so far would have the chance to return to the show, and last night farmers only doubt their development.

And as they increasingly believed that one of the most famous women would appear again, they all prayed that this was not the hard Christina in Sofia, who was in most of them a spike. After an unprecedented triple duel between Hristina, Radilena and the double Yoanna fight, she was a crazy Sofia-woman who won the battle and had another opportunity to fight for the 100,000 grand prize. His appearance at the farm was expected to be expected – with the enthusiasm of the celebrity some still awake players in the show.

Their lack of positive feelings was visible to everyone, and the Simeon immigrant even admitted to him that they prayed that he would not return. The bigger shock, however, was the news that Christina did not return but also that she would be a week-old farmer. And if they did not believe originally, this Ivan officially confirmed his daughter's arrival in the duel. The week is certainly quite tense, as the new boss will probably get it back to the boss for a negative reaction and has a heavy management system.


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