Simeonov: Give me this MI for 24 hours! – Politics


Valery Simeonov's new explosion blamed social networks. The subject is again protests.

"Give me this Ministry of the Interior for 24 hours and see if there are any protests."

Belarusian Valery Simeonov told the party of the Skat Party, Dnevnik reports daily. The former deputy prime minister's comment was related to the ongoing mistakes of more than a month in the country.

One of them – mothers of disabled children – wanted to divorce after his words that they "laughed at women with allegedly ill children". According to him, in November, many citizens of the country have protested against high fuel prices, car tax, low standards of living and social injustice.

Simeonov stressed that his main accusation against GERB is that it easily separates it from the cadres. He gave an example of the change from Minister Nikolay Nankov, Ivaylo Moskovski and Nikolay Petrov.


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