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The day after the election c BSP which experienced the worst defeat in 20 years, Ninovan was expected to say, I’m resigning! However, he surprised everyone again, prioritizing the party with a clear awareness that he was being severely criticized for his decision.

When she was a student at the National High School of the Elite of Ancient Languages ​​and Cultures, her friends invited Cornelia Ninova Duxia (director, guide in Latin). Today, many years later, he continues to show how accurate this nickname was. But the scale is already unparalleled, and there are thousands behind (and against) it.

Ninova puts her will to BSP with her firm hand in the name of ideas and goals she strongly believes in. That’s why opponents often compare him to “Borisov sex” – his words end everything in the Socialist Party, because Borisov’s will is the law in GERB.

The difference, however, is that Borissov created his own leadership party, and the more than 100-year-old BSP is a very different political thing.

Ninova did not become the first female president in the history of the centenary, but also the first directly elected leader with the votes of all socialists. The reason is that he likes the property because he is not a typical member of the Red Party. And active, practical, speaks very clearly and rationally. He is down to earth – he reacts quickly to problems, puts on boots to walk in flooded villages, walks in protests, defends a healthy family from the sexes, caresses goats, struggles with cakes … He has no doubt that he is a part and at the same time this corresponds to men who are high in politics.

Once again he showed up

your hard character

on Monday. The day after, when the BSP suffered its worst electoral defeat of 20 years, Cornelia Ninovan was expected to face the media and say I’m resigning! However, he surprised everyone again, prioritizing the party with a clear awareness that he was being severely criticized for his decision.

“I fully understand that my responsibilities are enormous and personal, but I understand even better that I cannot, by personal decision and action, throw the party into three months’ internal proceedings in the future and take no responsibility for subsequent decisions. National Assembly. “This is how Ninova explained her decision on the issue of personal responsibility” 24 hours. ” Because it is more important to him in the coming months that the BSP has the current leadership and chairman, and he is not surprised by the new crisis and that it only deals with its internal riots. In addition, internal fighting, of which the leader was also to blame, contributed greatly to the unfortunate outcome of the BSP.

Despite the numerous votes against him in recent years, Ninova has resigned only once – since the 2019 European elections. The performance of the BSP is much better. He resigned, but soon after pulled it out of Congress. He didn’t let anyone bully him about it – he recalled the situation on Monday, explaining it

he has learned a lesson

since then, he knows what processes followed in the BSP. I didn’t want to throw the party back into this chaos at the moment, he was determined.

But even if he had divorced, he would have remained at the helm of the BSP for months. The reason is that the statute does not provide for an amendment procedure after the director has been directly elected. Until now, he had resigned before Congress, but then he had a body appointed by the director, and now it is done in internal elections.

Opinions about Ninova are “Hosanna!” “Crucify him!” – like any tough leader and straightforward figure. The truth is, he made a lot of mistakes.

He overturned it to the maximum

women unite

better than men

which many people who supported him 3 years ago as congressional leader trusted. He turned many of the iconic faces of the BSP into obvious enemies. Today, there is perhaps the strongest opposition within the party that the social leader has had since Jean Videnov. But he survives because his opponents are not uniform.

Now Ninova must prepare for a strong battle with her internal opposition, which will not remind her of the BSP pogrom at any time.

In fact, Ninova is not the first party leader to not resign after the election. Under Sergei Stanishev, the BSP lost 11 consecutive elections, but he never resigned because of it. He did not do so even in May 2014, when the Red Party suffered another major pogrom in the European elections because it participated in the Oresharski government and the kiss he exchanged with Lyutvi Mestan (then MRF leader) for Orlov Most.

“The one who went to bury the BSP is lying again. Many have done it more than once. These are alarming results but do not cause despair. In the most difficult moments, the BSP shows internal stabilization, a desire to do what our voters expect, and we hear well what people tell us during the campaign and with their vote, “Stanishev said at the time.

Strange but very similar are Ninova’s words today. “We have had a strong, positive campaign with a concrete policy and a clear agenda. Unfortunately, we are suffering a loss.

Don’t let this despair us

Our party has gone through many trials. We have lost, we have won and we have always moved forward. We are united by reason. I wish you health and courage. I believe in you as a party force, mind and heart. “The head of the BSP gave this speech to the Socialists on Tuesday.

The laconic look is one of its characteristics. Perseverance – too. The willingness to fight without listening to warnings has long been demonstrated. Now he is increasing his determination to deliver more blows than is healthy for the political leader, while remaining at the forefront of the shrinking Socialist Party. Because he sincerely believes that the heart of BSP is alive.

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