Saturday , July 31 2021

The CPC will conduct a new sectoral analysis of the fuel market

Hundreds of cars prevented you from resisting high fuel prices on weekends

The Competition Commission (CPC) announced a new third sectoral analysis of the gasoline and diesel fuel production and sales markets.

The decision will come into force after nationwide mass troopers and will block you at the weekend due to high gasoline prices. Oil prices have risen in recent months according to the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association, which is the global trend due to rising crude oil prices.

So far, the impact of sectoral analyzes has been recalled at the minimum price of company leader Velyin Mareskin because he sold under the cost of gasoline and fell below competitors' prices.

The CPC, however, believes that the previous steps have led to a return to competition on the Bulgarian market.

The Antimonopoly Authority announced that it would launch a third audit after numerous media and received a signal that Velko Tarnovo's fuel prices on the large chain were significantly higher than other service stations operating in the same chain in other countries.

In the study of the content of many media reports, growth was observed in Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Burgas and some cities in North and North Bulgaria – Vratsa, Vidin, Montana, Veliko Tarnovo and other cities. Publications show that the prices of gas stations in the same chain vary greatly in different areas and even in locations.

In addition, most of the articles point out that some petrol stations in Bulgaria's cities sell fuel at prices that are considerably higher than the average Europeans. This is not in line with the significant fall in world oil prices.

Given the socio-economic significance of fuels and their direct impact on the entire Bulgarian economy, the CPC constantly monitors the facts and circumstances relevant to the implementation of the competition rules.

"The CPC considers it necessary to analyze in detail the analysis of the functioning of the competitive environment in the production and sale of fuels in Bulgaria, given the suspicions associated with the possible non-market-related causes of the market and compliance with common principles of common European markets by collecting and updating information on the dynamic development of the competitive environment in the automotive industry,

The CPC's long-standing practice, especially between 2009 and 2017, has repeatedly analyzed the development of the competitive environment in the automotive industry, reminding the Commission. Many parts of the automotive gasoline and diesel fuel production and sales markets have been studied in the country. For example – in 2011. The CPC has approved a sectoral analysis of the production and sales of gasoline and diesel fuels for the country 2009-2011. On the basis of the results, the CPC has initiated two procedures for detecting an infringement under Article 251 of the EC Treaty. Section 15 of LPC and Art. Article 101 and Section 21 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) on the Protection of Competition and Art. Article 102.

During the survey, the CPC has set a coordinated pricing behavior among the A-95H gasoline and diesel fuel wholesalers and has claimed claims from Art. Section 15 on protection of competition and technical law. Article 101 to the respondents. They have proposed and the CPC has approved specific obligations to stop the respondents from dropping out of the described behavior. In 2013, the CPC has performed an audit and found that the commitments of these companies are respected.

In 2015, the CPC initiated a new procedure on its own initiative to implement a sectoral analysis of the fuel market from 2012 onwards. until 2015. During the survey, the CPC has submitted objections to Art. Section 15 on the Protection of Competition and Art. 101 parties, such as the parties, have submitted specific commitments and the Commission has accepted the commitments to restore competition in the market for production.

CPC's long-term commitment to the development of the competitive environment and the evolving market conditions raises the need to analyze the new competitive environment sectorally in the market for the production and marketing of gasoline and diesel fuels.

Such an analysis gives the CPC a detailed picture of the current market development and the need to take further measures under the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Competition in order to promote the proper functioning of the market environment, the Commission.

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