The first BLITZ! Specialized Public Prosecutor's Office and GOCB have violated a powerful gang in computer fraud! – Blitz


A specialized Public Prosecutor's Office and an organized crime prevention DG have neutralized the computer fraud of the organized crime group and encrypted illegal purchases, totaling more than $ 5 million. About $ 3 million (about $ 5 million) of Cryptotool has been "seized" in research by computer scientists.

The precedent for dealing with the case and the results of the study set up at the end of June 2018 are not analogous to Bulgaria and Europe.

A specialized prosecutor's office has accused three people
On November 22, 2018 their computers and flash drives were seized,
device wallets, multiple account accounts for existing ones
and illegally used non-existing persons
cryptocell-purchasing system.

The car also seized the amount of BGN 60 000 purchased for criminal activity.
Numerous digital combinations – access codes
which provide storage and purchase services
encryption and access to hardware
cryptocell storage).

Three accused have been exceptionally professional and conspiracy. They have used innovative mechanisms, special software and, above all, high-tech skills.

According to the definition of a specialized criminal court, two defendants are
"Custody". Third participant
the prosecutor of the case defined the "50% guarantee"
000 leva.


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