Sunday , March 7 2021

the market Fed plans a new interest rate cut in December, the dollar at the highest 16-month level

On Friday, the US Federal Reserve's dollar was at its highest at 16-month rates in currencies, as it would leave unchanged key rates between 2-2.25%, but maintained its plans to gradually tighten the CAP to increase the likelihood of shipment. It is also the fourth rate this year, which is the backbone of the emerging US economy, rising inflation and record high employment. Following the Fed's announcement, the two-year US bond yield rose to 2.977 percent, the highest level over 10 years.

"We think that the Fed is working constructively." Bankers do not want to force things, "says Tim Cortney, vice president of Exalcial Wealth Advisor.

The central banks expect the gradual increase in the target range of interest rates to be consistent with continued growth in economic activity, a strong labor market and medium-term inflation of 2%.

The effect of the elections

Analysts also estimate the results of the provisional elections held on Tuesday, and their impact on US economic policy. The dollar has sharply reduced its value as the result of the vote is expected additionalthey fiscal stimulus measures are unlikely. On Friday, the dollar also surpassed other currencies.


In the Forex market, the focus of investors is shifting between US monetary policy and other major economies. On Thursday, the euro weakened against the US dollar by 0.55% to 1.1361, while the British pound lost 0.49% of its value and traded to $ 1.306. This happened after the EY had been in the eyes of the city of Italy for two years. The European currency has also lowered the Japanese yen by 0.25 percent to 129.28 yen.

On Friday cytpinta yaponcÿata valyta ce vazctanovand cppmccccccccccccc, cdcd reached a five-week base, in the range of 113.92 yen to 114.07 in the stock market. Due to the dollar's euro and yen growth, the dollar index rose 0.75% on Friday. The last time the index was 96,674.

On Friday morning, the pound sterling fell 0.1% to 1.3046 dollars. Bappeÿi tova nachaloto na noemvpi bpitancĸata valyta otchita pocĸapvane low otnoshenie na amepiÿancÿata c 2,3% Avctpaliycÿiyat dolap izgybi 0,2% its value zapad opaceniyata ycilvane na nappezhenieto in tapgovcÿite otnosheniya meshdy CASHT and Kitay.

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