The modest cars of the richest people

Buying cars can be one of the most expensive
during your life. Public people should choose a car's choice
conformity stheir pupal image and
position, especially status and success.

Very often, the first great cost that a musician,
athlete, actress or entrepreneur is a major success
bought a shiny precious car.

However, this does not apply to everyone. Although they have accumulated
billions of dollars, some of the richest people in the world prefer to dominate
vehicles that do not reflect their position or position. Maybe this
It is a lesson for us, too, to be somewhat more economical, to live more modestly.

Or maybe these people stick to the modern one
the concept of demonstrating the manifestation of the greatest richness
the need to show this prosperity.

These six billionaires follow this rule,
which are not cheap, are not expensive.

Look who they are:

Jack Ma

picture Alibaba Group

Ma is Alibaba's founder and executive chairman
Group, a leading Chinese technology and e-commerce company. On a personal
a country estimated to be close to $ 40 billion, he is richest
man in China. But you can never guess if you see a car
her – Roewe RX5 $ 25,000 – a medium-sized expensive SUV from China
the automaker SAIC, which uses the Alibaba-based operating system

Steve Ballmer

picture wikipedia

Although Ballmer still has more than $ 40 billion
loyal Ford cars in Detroit's hometown, which the company has
his father works. Ballmer was Microsoft's CEO,
Ford produced cars with Microsoft's entertainment system
SYNC. Celebrate with a million cars
SYNC, Alan Mulally, then CEO of Ford, gave Ballmer a hybrid of Ford Fusion for $ 30,000. Since then, Ballmer has drifted
car daily.

Alice Walton


Walmart's wealth family, Walmart merchant
the retail sales made by his father, Sam Walton, Alice Walton, are considered one
the richest women in the world, about $ 50 billion in wealth. But obviously it is not him
preventing him from following his father's modesty with regard to cars. Sam Walton got it
The Ford F-150 pickup since 1979, which runs daily at its death
In the 90s. Alice drives the Ford F-150 truck in 2006, albeit more luxurious
The King Ranch version, which costs about $ 40,000.

Mark Zuckerberg

picture Facebook profile

The founder and CEO of Facebook is
net worth more than $ 50 billion. But it does not stop him from going
much time behind Black Acura TSX's wheel $ 30,000 –
The sporty sedan of the mid-range Honda's luxury brand. It is also alleged that
Zuckerberg owns and uses the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which is popular
among young Americans and close to the Acura price.

Warren Buffett

picture wikipedia

Berkshire Hathaway has over 80 chairpersons
billion dollars. When he bought a new car in 2006, he chose a modest,
but not sad Cadillac DTS, which costs around $ 45,000. Mary Bara,
CEO of General Motors (who owns the trademark
Cadillac), assures him a couple of years ago to buy a new model of $ 55,000 – Adillac
XTS from 2014. His old car was sold with a charity auction
$ 122,500, and the money went to support girls in their hometown
Billionaires – Omaha, Nebraska.

Jeff Bezos

picture twitter profile

Amazonian creator is the richest man in the world
the net value was almost $ 150 billion. But he is not a fan
expensive cars. Bezos wants to drive Honda Accord to the old.

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