The weather is still sunny, without any significant change


On Saturday, sunlight is dominant. Eastern regions – with cloudy clouds. The wind is weak, east to north. The minimum temperatures are 1 to 6 degrees and the maximum temperatures are 13 to 18 degrees.

The Black Sea coast has clouds of clouds. Before midday, slits are possible in separate places. He blows a mild or moderate wind to the east of the northeast. Maximum temperature: 15-17 degrees. The seawater temperature is about 16 degrees. The sea's tension is 1-2 bits.

The mountains are mostly sunny, and more clouds are above the massive ones in eastern Bulgaria. It blows a mild or moderate southeast wind. The highest temperature at 1200 meters is about 14 degrees, 2000 meters – about 6 degrees.

On Sunday in eastern Bulgaria cloudy weather, low visibility and may be cloudy. Above the western areas there are considerable clouds. The wind comes to the southeast, mostly weak. The highest temperatures are between 13 and 18 degrees and the prevailing minimum value is 2-7 degrees.


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