Saturday , July 31 2021

Theodosii Spasov and Ivan Shopov present their common songs on November 24th

Theodosii Spassov (left) and Ivan Shopov's common record

Theodosii Spassov and Ivan Shopov, electronic voice master recorded a joint album. The InFusion Concert series is on November 24 in the Sofia area "Space 108". At the event both musicians will play all the compositions, accompanied by the singer "Avigeia" and pianist Dimitar Bodurov, who will participate in the album recordings.

The 10 melodies produced during the last two years, the time when the Theodosii Spassov kavali and Ivan Shopov programming and guitars performed, performed concerts not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. On November 24, the audience will hear an appealing combination of jazz, folk elements and electronic sound.

All compositions include composers such as guest musicians from around the world – Eric Truffa from France (trumpet), Gheh Piotrowski (saxophone), Mino Sinell New York (percussion), Ruth Meyer (singing), Merlin Ettore from Canada (Percussion), Assa Carson (programming). Ivan Andreev joined Bulgarian performers on drums.

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