They accused the guards of the dead imprisonment – Crimea


The Sofia Public Prosecutor's Office has accused the guards of the death of Stilian K. and Angel M. Gangster Goran Goranov, who literally boiled with boiling water boiled in Bourgas Prison. The drama was played in March this year when the champion of the second European wrestler cadets was sent for a new crime. The prisoners originally claimed that Goranov, 32, died of a heart attack. However close friends of the victim were categorically of the opinion that the guards deliberately left the broken steam to Goran's death. "Maybe it had broken down in about ten days, and the man responsible for steam had told the guards several times about this problem and demanded a halt." The invaders did not take action on the contrary. "The sister of Goran-Jonka immediately announced the event.

According to the Stability and Growth Pact, two guards were charged with the death of Goranov on their negligence under the conditions of self-incrimination. The accused is prohibited from leaving the country. The lawsuit must be prosecuted.

According to accusation, on the morning of March 25, a steam break occurred in a cell with free flow / permeation / pressure vapor at 140 degrees Celsius. When he touched Goran Goranov's body, he caused a severe heat injury that did not fit with life, the prosecutor said. The feet at the autopsy were established for peeling the feet of the skin. The skin is trapped on both thighs, backs, knees on the knees, right hand, on the outside of the right forearm. There are traces of the body in the body.

The expert report states that death was due to the heat caused by the respiratory trauma – scarring and 53 per cent of the deceased head caused by the steam system being damaged. The most important role in the deadly outcome is the change in the respiratory tract from inhaled hot steam. The involvement of the epithelium in the respiratory tract has promptly led to the body and tissues that have caused breathing / oxygen to rapidly develop respiratory problems and heat shock. Heat trauma causes the body to dehydrate (dehydration) and hemoconcentration (blood clotting) that can cause myocardial infarction.

Both supervisors have not fulfilled their obligation to ensure the protection of prisoners, security and safety. In the emergency situation of the heating system, the respondents did not respond to Goranov's rumors. They have not taken timely measures to limit, overcome and eliminate sanctions and protect the life and health of prisoners, even though they have noticed the coming steam from their threshold window, which has gradually filled the corridor of another zone and added security in prison – Burgas, the prosecutor added.

After the tragedy, the prosecutor's office in Bourgas started legal proceedings but was seized by the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office at the end of December last year. Ten months later, the prosecutor of the case filed charges against two guards.

According to Zahari Kirilov, the lawyer of the deceased family, the opinion of the Sofia experts, is the most important asset in the state prosecution. The expertise itself is 80 sheets. Attorney Kirilov has called for the involvement of cardiologists, pulmologists, dermatologists, pathogens and others.

During his life, former wrestler Goran Goranov became involved in a number of attacks and victories, including over the Catholic priests. He stared at Burgas with satanic rituals. According to his acquaintance, Goran's death was addictive to drugs.


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