Monday , March 1 2021

"Time is ours": the memory and the lesson of the past

Welcome to the new page. We've made a few improvements to make the use of your favorite news site easier.

We have simplified and simplified navigation so that the new gives quick, intuitive and direct access to Bulgaria's most important news release dates.

We've easily accessed content on mobile devices.

The day's most important news and last-minute news – the new home page is easier to find and more than the content we want.

Here are some of the most important innovations:

– A new simplified menu for more intuitive navigation;

– A new, more readable startup image guide

– A totally new organization in the Sports section

– Add videos

– Quick access to all input feeds – Can be easy
find them from

– Direct link to's latest content

– A new, clearer weather forecast with the link

Thank you for your confidence and enjoyment!

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