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& # 39; Outlander & # 39; Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 – Down the Rabbit Hole & # 39;

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Both Brianna and Roger are leaping this week Outlander, thank God. It's been fun to watch Jamie and Claire channels of Bob Vila and all, but I'm ready to Frasers and Rog all in one place (and centuries), in order to happy meetings, tears misunderstandings and 1700s to less than the phone * work!

In a related note, this week's episode brings back two characters we have not seen for a while: Frank and Laoghaire. For the first time, especially in the case of Laoghaire, we see both parts that will not come out when the story is told from Clair's point of view. Also: Nell Hudson does not get enough credit for how masterfully he plays Jamie's ex-wife.

But wait until I forget: Was Frank know Claire was supposed to return in time again?

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* Do not know what I'm talking about? You, and soon!

Outlander Recap Season 4 - Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleBRIANNA ARRIVES | Brianna, who absolutely restored old Scotland, runs through the Highlands in the snow. He periodically consults the old map, but he is far from everything that resembles a bit of civilization. At one point he falls and severely bumps his ankle; when she flushes with her by blowing the swelling, we see that it is badly bent. But he pushes, slams down the road and sleeps under the stars. He is able to start the fire using the box he wisely brought with him for the future, and he will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The next morning, however, he has a lot of pain and looks rather greedy. When he blows through the woods, he discovers smoke from the front of the house. But before he can do something about it, he passes through.

Outlander Recap Season 4 - Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleBE LEERY, IT'S LAOGHAIRE! | Bree dreams / remembers as a young girl Frank (hi, Tobias Menzies!) Gently pulling her out of the car he slept in. When he actually wakes up, he has fallen to the bed at home and Laoghaire – !!! – was his rescuer.

Wenchiest wench, who ever wandered Laoghaire and Joanie came home when they found Bree near the tree. "We had no choice but to bring you home with us," the older woman explains, presenting herself and her younger daughter, and telling Bree she can stay as long as she needs. Brianna says she is from England, but her parents are in North Carolina and she meets them there. "Marsali is North Carolina!" Joanie falls up.

Note before we go: In Fall drums, Brianna first appears in Lallybroch. There he meets Ian and Jenny and her first interaction with Laoghaire are distinctly different (read: Bree knows who he is right now, and he upsets everyone by announcing that Laoghaire was behind Cranesmuire's business. In short, they shout each other a lot). "We had the intention to go to Lallybroch and do things," Dr. Matthew B. Roberts told me, "and because of the availability of operators, we were unable to tell the story exactly what we wanted, so we had to renew."

Outlander Recap Season 4 - Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleSHIPP OUT | In 1969, Roger and Fiona drove to Craig na Dun. She wore her hair and dressed in a piece of clothing to prepare for the trip, and she has money, compass, knife and some jewels that can safely see her in the past. As they move towards the circle, he hears the dizziness, but Fiona can not. "Stones of din call me," she reminds her. They wake up, then he goes to the rock and puts his palms in it. Later Fi!

We do not see him again until he is in Carolinas in the 18th century. May look, Roger has found a new knitter for himself. Pleasure. Captain of Gloriana – wait a minute, it's Stephen Bonnet! – tells you to go to Wilmington, but no longer accept passengers. So Roger raises the barrel on his shoulder to show that he is boring and strong enough to join the crew. Bonnet looks amused, so he spins the coin and decides whether Rog can get on board. When the villain comes out for Roger, Bonnet kills: "There are four ports in front of Wilmington, and I hope he's worth it."

GREEN ASSESSMENT DEVELOPMENT | Her first night in Laoghaire Ian will give Laoghaie money. But that is not the entire monthly maintenance allowance that Jamie owes and he is serious about it. The next morning, Bree gives one of Marsal's dresses and will help Laoghaire and Joanie in the garden. There, a little girl tells him "Da" who raised him but was not his biological father. These two red and red bonds have come from good men who have not fallen in love with their mothers.

And this leads us to a very fascinating flashback set about Brianna semester time. The teen finds her father in her office at Harvard, drunk and sore. He does not say exactly why, but when Bree asks what some papers on his desk are, we you can see that he had a copy of Claire's and Jamie's death announcement – the same Roger and Bree found each other – only then. He brushes it "for a research from a colleague in Scotland," and when he presses, he just adds that it is "complicated". He will eventually send his home, and he will go to jail.

This is interesting, NO, OLDLANDERS? In the books, we learned that Frank knew that Jamie survived Culloden's battle, but it is unclear how much more research he did after that. But this little change shows that Frank did not just know that Jamie eventually died in North Carolina … but that Claire was with her when it happened. So you can look at this scene when Frank realizes that what he does, Claire has to leave him again and return back through the stones. It could also explain why – in Season 3 and the second flashback in this episode – he pushes so hard for Brianna to go to England with her: If Claire plans to leave them, they can also make that break on their own terms, possibly saving Bree a little pain? Or maybe he does it to make it easier for Claire to tie up some loose ends prematurely?

Of course he does not tell Brian any of this. And when he announces the divorce and marks the movement, he will rebel sharply. "Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and when it happens, you know what we are doing, we're a soldier," she tells her, but she is very upset and leaving so they can not talk about it. Unfortunately, we know that this is just before he gets into a car accident, which means that their last conversation was angry. Much later, in his cemetery, Brianna yells when he promises he is "war".

Outlander Recap Season 4 - Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleTruth comes out | Bree's stay at the Laoghaire House runs along the swim until the blonde cites Lallybroch. Brianna meets and says her relatives live there and she spent time there. "And who could be your mother?" Laoghaire politely asks. "Claire Fraser," Bree answers. Hold on in his abdominal cavity as it comes wild here! Laoghaire's way goes from mother to brittle REAL speed. Without knowing exactly who Bree's mother is, a blonde boy begins to talk about how Jamie left Claire when she found out she was pregnant. "I want to repeat such things by myself," he adds hermitically, making me cheeky.

"I can not stop them if I go to them now. There is a fire," Bree says, making Laoghaire suspicious. Um, Brianna? The first rule of time travel club? DO NOT USE THE TIME MOBILE PHONE. After all, Laoghaire just wants the money he owes, and he is afraid Frasers sent Breen there to find him. "Your mother is a stealing whore who stole my husband and left me away," she shouts, and things get harder.

When Bree gets to stuff, Laoghaire follows her. "Claire Fraser should have burned in Cranesmuir's share," he spit. Brianna pennypippaa: "O my God: you have tried to kill my mother!" In Laoghaire's mind, this only adjusts to the idea that Bree is just the latest one in Claire, and he says so much. "I think it's easier than the truth, and the truth is Jamie Fraser has never loved you," Bree shoots back. So Laoghaire locks him into the bedroom and says his guest is being held in custody.

BONNET'S BADDIE | In Gloriana, Roger is friendly with a female traveler traveling with the baby. That night she wakes up the woman's cry, and she drives to look at what's up. A young daughter on a passenger has a small cat, and her mother reports that Bonnet has not thrown her out of the window to prevent the spread of the disease. Roger also tells Bonnet, but the stone-cold captain pushes the child over the icy waters. His mother dives after him. They have been convicted. Since Roger walks in shock, Bonnet orders the crew to investigate all and bring him sick.

Mother's mother, named Morag MacKenzie, is horrified: the baby has picked up, which makes her look confused, but she is not. So Roger promises to hide her and baby Jemmy and bring them food, a plan that Bonnet finally understands and meets both. "Would you say you're gambling, MacKenzie?" Bonnet asks, turning the coin to see if Roger lives or dies. It comes to his advantage; Bonnet leaves them alone.

BREE MEETS HER UNCLE | Bree has just managed to get a window in her new jail when Joanie opens the door and drives her to Lallybroch. "It's not your fault that your mother is a witch," the little girl tells her. What a good boy!

Jenny is gone to help her childbirth, but Ian is at home when Bree arrives. He immediately believes what he says, pointing out that he has Clair's eyes and calls him "an unexpected blessing". Then he lends his money to buy colonies, frame full of Clair's old clothes and tip to find Joca River Run when he arrives in North Carolina. Ian is always the best.

In the harbor, just before Bree records overtaking, he approaches a man named Joseph Wemyss who asks him to take his daughter's servant. Brianna is not interested, but her story of how another man buys a girl and keeps her as a king waves her a bit. So long Brianna and Lizzie Wemyss (who does not look like I described him in the book, but whatever) are both going out on board Philip Alonso.

Before they get on the boat, Brianna takes a look back and imagines that Frank stood there and nodded unhappily. Then he turns and ends up with his next adventure.

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