According to Leaf Mike Babcock, William Nylander returns this week


TORONTO – William Nylander will not sign up for the NHL in less than a week if he intends to attend the 2018-19 season, but if the Toronto Maple Leafs bench is concerned that the top player wins the group this week, they will not show it.

Superstar Auston Matthews (Left Shoulder Damage) expects to leave a contactless sweater and return to the line in the coming days.

"It's my assumption that we get both back," head coach Mike Babcock said on Saturday at the club's 6-0 victory over Philadelphia Flyers. "Obviously, we can have a better hockey when we both have a second line and give you a lot more depth. Ideally, that was what you had in mind when you started the year.

"I expected them to have much faster than we did, but we're excited to get both."

Matthews had made 10 goals and six helped only 10 and a half of the game, before Jacob Winnipeg TROUBAT hard check left him about a month.

Nylander's long-term contract deadlock has kept him away from the team over a quarter of a century and has followed Leafs to go 16-8 without him in the squad.

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The six-year contract is still on the table when Nylander asks $ 6.9 million in annual salary, Sportsnet's Chris Johnston announced on Saturday night. If this is not the Bridge Agreement could work as Plan B.

The financial gap between the players and the club is shrinking, but must be completed before 1.12. This time limit.

"It's really exciting, these two guys bring a lot to this team, so it's special to take them back and it just adds depth to our team's need," said leading scorer Mitch Marner.

"It only makes team matches more difficult and worries about every line."

Despite Leaf's positive results due to two major absences, one, though not two, surprise return to Toronto's top six players is a wavering impact on roster's decision-making.

There is no room for everyone.

"I do not think they know it – I think they know it," Babcock said. "They're smart."


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