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Audrey Geisel, the widow of Dr. Seuss, who tirelessly promoted his work, died at 97

When Dr. Seuss approached the end of his life, the child writer told his wife that he should have taken care of the cat Hat, Lorax, Grinch and all the loved ones he created.

It was a broadcast by Audrey Geisel, who took over a quarter of a century. As the guardian of Dr. Seuss's productive and lucrative literary property, he carefully guarded the writer's and illustrator's wild work, less known as Theodor Geisel, and extended Seuss's heritage. She promoted a highly profitable multimedia product, from books and movies to the theme park and Broadway exhibition Seussical.

Audrey Geisel, 97, died on Wednesday at his home in La Jolla in San Diego, Random House Children's Books.

Geisel, who founded Dr. Seuss Enterprises, said he had taken his heart out of the responsibility his husband left him when he died in 1991.

"You like strict control than if they were really your children," Geisel told The Associated Press in 1998. "I don't want the cat to be a bad part of the city, so to speak."

Geisel presents The Cat with Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2, characters from his books, dedicated to Dr. Seuss' posthumous star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004 in Los Angeles. (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

Tight grip on the empire

But he went a lot further while keeping a firm hold on the kingdom. He extensively expanded what his husband cared about by making his 47 children's stories.

And oh, the places he went to.

More than 10 million Dr. Seuss books are sold every year, and new jobs are coming, like last spring Dr. Seuss's first 100 words, According to Random House.

The 2000 live-action movie version How Grinch stores Christmas, Starring Jim Carrey, was a ticket supplier. But Audrey Geisel and critics despise the 2003 live-action customization Cat in the hat that was played by Mike Myers Austin Powers reputation.

"I have never seen Austin Powers, But I knew "Yeah, baby!" and I didn't want "Yeah, baby!" at all, ”he told AP in 2004.

Geisel is credited as the director of the animation film Grinch, Published last month and touched Benedict Cumberbatch to record the title tag.

Geisel will be credited as director of the 2018 animation film The Grinch, which Benedict Cumberbatch expressed. Here's the Grinch balloon floating on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Paradise in New York on November 23rd. (Craig Ruttle / Associated Press)

AP-NORC's earlier survey this month Grinch just behind Life is wonderful favorite holiday movies or television. It didn't determine whether it was the Carrey version or the animation produced by Chuck Jones in 1966, which was told by Boris Karloff.

Movies have been profitable recently Grinch According to Comscore, $ 245 million in production. Animated movie versions The Lorax raked $ 214 million and Horton Hears a made $ 154 million.

Although Geisel has strictly maintained production and merchandise, some of these efforts may have deviated from Seuss's spirit, said Philip Nel, an English professor at Kansas State University, who wrote Dr. Seuss: American Icon.

He was afraid of the children somewhat.– Audrey Geisel told AP about his late husband, Dr. Seuss

For example, a group of books that use cat as a normal teacher at Hat are startled by a sign of rebellious roots, Nel said. Another book called Seuss-isms for success Seuss quotes are different from context to business situations.

"There have also been pretty cool stuff," Nel said. "The animated Horton movie was really thoughtful and understood the Seuss universe really well."

Geisel was a Chicago-born and former nursing student at the University of Indiana.

His license plate reads GRINCH

He and Theodor Geisel, aged 17, were both married to others when they started in the 1960s. His first wife, Helen, took her own life.

Audrey Geisel sent two daughters with his first husband after Geisels married in 1968. The couple had no children together – Seuss was not particularly interested in the children, he said.

"He was afraid of the children somewhat," Audrey Geisel told AP.

Geisel said he had understood what he was trying to do when his husband died, but he was surprised at how much work he was doing to oversee Dr. Seuss Foundation's business and charity.

He worked around La Jolla in Cadillac with a license plate: GRINCH. And she appeared in the events that celebrated her late husband.

In 2002, Geisel helped to expose Seuss's bronze sculptures and some of his beloved characters in Seuss Memorial in his hometown of Springfield, Mass. The works are created by his daughter Lark Gray Dimond-Cates.

In this 2002 picture, Geisel puts his hand on the head of the newly published Dr. Seuss sculpture, by his character, The Cat in the Hat, Springfield, Mass. (Nancy Palmieri / The Associated Press)

When Audrey Geisel revealed the sculpture of his late husband sitting at the table, his light blue eyes were in tears when he bowed and kissed him.

Regardless of any anxiety that her husband might have had around the children, she wanted the children to index the supportive work.

"I would like some parts of it to become really shiny," he said, "because they have been so many times shattered with small robbing hands."

In addition to the shield protector and the promoter, he also influenced his work.

When Seuss wrote the book that came The Lorax, he got a writer's block and he suggested that they spend the trip so he stops, Nel said. They traveled to Kenya, where the workers who were working on the working wounds aroused the idea.

"He thought," They can't cut Dr. Seuss's trees, "he called truffles, and invented Lorax to protect them," Nel said.

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