Sunday , January 17 2021

B.C. The regulator says fracking caused earthquakes near Fort St. John

B.C. The Committee on Oil and Gas has accused the three earthquakes northeast of B.C. last month.

The provincial regulator says that events 20 kilometers south of Fort St. John on 29 November occurred due to liquid injections during a hydraulic break in the Canadian resource mine.

Events that knew but did not cause surface damage were measured in the order of 3.4, 4.0 and 4.5.

After the earthquakes, the dismantling of the lower Montney form, which is a major reserve of lime and gas in the vicinity of the B.C.-Alberta border, was suspended after the earthquakes and remain suspended in the multi-pillow cushion pending the results of a detailed technical review.

The Commission says seven wells in the upper Montney assembly that had been drilled and manufactured by Calgary in the past, and seismic events were found to be no more than 2.5.

Immediate closure of functions is required when an induced seismic event in the region reaches or exceeds 3.0 degrees.

Hydraulic fracture involves spraying water, sand and chemicals well under pressure to decompose tight underground stones and free oil and gas.

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