Saturday , May 8 2021

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[Mark Rober] was tedious about losing the packages. He received reports that his broadcast had been delivered, but when he checked on his porch, he could not find anything. Examining CCTV footage revealed the occasional passers-by slipping from his porch and stealing his blocks. It was time to come back. For more than six months, [Mark] and his friend carefully designed, prototype and iterate the perfect trap packet of thieves, leaving a small unit disguised as Apple HomePod. The whole system is wonderfully oversized and we love it.

The main feature of the device is the top of the rotating cup containing a large amount of glitter. When activated, it throws the glitter in every direction. You could say it's harmless because it's just glittering. But once again, glitter has the habit of being with you all your life – coming in at least the expected times. It certainly leaves an emotional impression.

Activation is fairly intelligent; The fake package sits on the porch until the accelerometer detects the movement. At that point, the GPS checks whether the parcel has gone outside the geo fence [Mark]House. Then the signal is sent to four smartphones to start recording – yes, it's right, there are 4 phones inside, one on each side to capture the stealing reaction.

How can [Mark] Are you so confident that he will be able to return four phones and their videos? It is responsible for GPS tracking and injection brushes that use a 3D-printed cam and DC motor, ensuring that a thief does not want this package for a long time. This actuator and glitter engine are controlled by a custom printed circuit board that also initiates the phones to start recording on their headphone jack and detects the opening of the packet with some micro switches. This is truly a masterpiece that astonishes the package of thieves in a way that leaves the impression even though he is still playful.

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