Sunday , May 16 2021

CBS denies the dismissal of $ 120 million from the former CEO, Leslie Moonves

CBS Corp. said on Monday that it will not pay Leslie Moonves a $ 120 million redemption package because the giant of the media is lying about a likely legal battle with its former CEO accused of sexual harassment and assault allegedly committed before and after joining the company.

The decision to terminate Mrs Moonves' termination and terminate her employment relationship will be followed by the results of the research carried out by Moon's conduct on the conduct of two LVs, Debevoise & Plimpton and Covington & Burling, hired by CBS.

"We have decided that it is justified to stop the cause, including intentional and material counterfeiting, violation of company policies and breach of contract, and his intentional failure to fully cooperate with the company's investigation," the CBS Board of Directors said in a statement that did not disclose details of the study.

The study report had leaked in The New York Times. It accused Moonves of destroying evidence and trying to curb accusations at the Lisbon workplace at CBS.

The report also mentioned more accusations that Moonves promoted a career in women who mixed with him and the prosecutors over 12 uncovered in two New Yorker investigations that led Moonves to resign in September.

Moonves has forbidden any kind of abuse and has described sexual encounters as a consent.

Moonvein lawyer Andrew Levander said that his client "strongly prohibits all kinds of non-compulsive sex relations and has worked extensively with researchers".

"CBS's conclusions were anticipated and without merit," Levander said in his statement. "With the lines that have passed this" process ", the press was informed of these unfounded conclusions before Mr. Moonves, which further damaged his name, reputation, career and legacy."

The CBS government also noted that the researchers found that harassment and countermeasures were not thorough in CBS, but stated that its policies and practices did not prevent previous events.

CBS suspended Charlie Rose, CBS morning program and 60 minutes in November 2017 – after several women accused him of harassment and abuses – and shot him last September. Jeff Fager, 60 minutes an executive officer, also worked in September when he threatened CBS News when investigating harassment of his colleagues.

Researchers found that the company failed to keep "high performers" responsible for their activities, the government said.

The government has said that it has kept external advisers remedying their human resources.

Last week, CBS received 18 recipients of $ 20 million in donating Moonves to support the removal of sexual harassment at workplaces.

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