Monday , April 12 2021

City will push to revitalize the Union's position by 2019

Rains thousands of business travelers go through Union Station every day – and if you ask most of what it is they will tell you: it's an aesthetic course.

If it is not the dangers of the journey and the loose wires let go, it has risen up the walls with confusing detours and crumbling concrete.

"It's kind of dangerous," said local caretaker Wendy Ledo. "" It's frustrating every day. "

An interactive project started at the station nine years ago and was due to be completed in 2015. Nearly four years after the expected date, some buildings seem to be completely neglected – random material dusts that slam the floor in general areas.

"It's a very dynamic project," said Bilal Farooq, Assistant Professor of Traffic Engineering at Ryerson University. "They reinforce one area and then move to another area."

Farooq says with the station this big and this busy delay is expected – but the city should be more transparent about what's going to happen.

"What changes are being introduced, they need to be better informed," he said.

But others say that the problems go beyond communication.

"It is more or less a security risk," Murtaza Haider, a city transport expert at Ryerson University.

The station has been open and operational throughout this project – but it has not been completely without an event. Just last month, concrete fell from the roof and seriously injured a 24-year-old woman on her way home from work.

And many of the movers are wondering all the bare yarns above them.

"It seems to me normal," said Steve Smith, Chief Executive of the Electrical Safety Authority. ESA checks the drive four times a week, so CityNews asked them for some of the inferior quality wires and poses a threat.

"It's a running operation, so someone could have come in and pull it down. We're doing a constant walk and we're taking these things into account, as well as a party," Smith said. "It could get him to tidy up a bit and put it on a higher ceiling."

The city has once again pushed the date of the end, and now states that recovery is expected to be substantially achieved in 2019. They did not give the exact months.

In their opinion, they write in part:

"The revitalization of the Union's position will complement the doubling of pedestrian capacity, restore important heritage and transform the Union's position as the most important trading, dining and community gathering place.

The Union Station Revitalization project is one of the most complex construction projects in the country that are attached to the most crowded parts of Toronto, and is also considered to be one of North America's most vibrant neighborhoods. "

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