Saturday , May 8 2021

Clippers' Kawhi Leonard strategy and why it is commendable as controversial – Athletic

Welcome to the Free Agency file.

In this modern NBA world where discussion of the soon-to-be available superstars is all year round, I call in with insight and information that so often with interest: by increasing the depth of this conversation that is so often on the surface level. This debut album is about to get to know the interesting dance between Kawhi Leonard and Clippers.

We've known months ago that Clippers have Leonard in the middle of his 2019 summer plan. Clipper has the space for one max gambling player and they play an important role in creating room for the other, all eyes to Leonard and Kevin Durant of the Golden State as they try to steal the performance of LeBron James and his Lakers Tinsel Town.

Even though Leonard sat on Tuesday with Clippers against Clippers, it made it anti-glamor to anyone who focused on the floor. However, this was not behind the scenes. Especially considering …

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