Saturday , May 8 2021

Confidence that strong wind blows hit the lower continent tonight – BC

Monday's wind event is very different from last Friday's experience of the experienced continent.

The cold front is crossing the south coast on Monday.

Cold slopes can affect a much larger area because they run – therefore the lower continent is likely to fall.

The cold front point crosses the south coast on Monday night.

Worldwide BC

The storm of Friday was a small, very powerful, low-pressure center.

These can produce very powerful clouds in a small area but they can also easily change their paths and it just happened.

In Seattle, up to 95 km / h was used when the lows moved south. It left tens of thousands of homes without power overnight.

Today, winds have already begun to pick up.

Wind intensity on Monday at 18.30.

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The strongest winds take place at 6:00. and 10.00 am Vancouver and West Fraser Valley are likely to blink 70 km / h, but the strongest winds come along the water and south of the Fraser River from Tsawwassen to Abbotsford.

It is possible that up to 90 km / h in these areas may occur. Power failures are very likely.

Wind Warning Lower Mainland Monday, December 17th

Worldwide BC

Winds will decrease from Wednesday to Monday night.

The storm of the wind and rain, which is aware, is set on Thursday, so stay tuned.

Kristi Gordon is a senior BC's senior meteorologist.

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