Sunday , May 16 2021

Confirmed update v7.10 is delayed, released without a tachograph

Epic Games has just announced delays Fortnite update version 7.10. According to the company, it found the error at the last minute that it could not fix it before the upgrade dropped early in the morning. As a result, Fortnite players should not expect to receive an update at 5.00 ET, which was originally chosen for publication time.

Epic typically schedules it Fortnite Upgrades in earlier hours when fewer people are playing, which was version 7.10. The company did not disclose the nature of the defect found by saying that it was found "inside the structure", forcing it to delay the update.

Company did not give a schedule for the expected update, saying only that it will give users a new release date and time in the future. Shortly before revealing the era of the revealed fall, Epic also said that the planned inclusion would be transferred to another future patch.

In addition to the V7.10 bug, Epic has been delayed by the planned (Driftboard) release of the current (current) update. According to the company, it decided to delay this update to make "definitive changes in the quality of life" and other unspecified improvements. However, another 7.10's planned balance and quality of life will improve.

The update will be followed shortly after Epic decided to remove its new Infinity Blade, a sword that brought an early game to the Royale Island. While the sword was fun to use, it was remarkably overwhelming, allowing players to destroy a large number of opponents with little chance of survival.

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