Thursday , May 6 2021

Council Jerome Farkas resigned from Council meeting on "dishonest" Facebook post – LiveWire Calgary


Ward 11 Coun. Jeormy Farkas was removed from the remaining Calgary City Council meeting on Facebook, which was deemed unfair by other Council members.

Earlier this afternoon, the Council discussed the freezing of salaries for a member of the Council in 2019.

Although the movement was presented by the Soviet Union. Ward Sutherland, Farkas proposed an amendment that would reduce the Council's salaries by 5%, and not just freeze them.

During the debate, Carla Male, the Chief Financial Officer of the city, informed the Council that, according to the current formula for determining the Council's salaries, they were likely to see a 0.2% reduction.

Council salaries are linked to the 12-month average of Statistics Finland's weekly report to Alberta.

After hearing the report, Sutherland also called on Council members to vote against his original salary freeze, as freezing would weaken contraception.

However, on Facebook, which appeared shortly after the Council voted against salary increases or wages, Farkas told his followers that the Council was to receive a 2.3% salary increase.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi asked Farkas why he had used numbers more than a month ago instead of the information currently provided, but Farkas demanded that the old number be more accurate.

"If this (0.2 per cent) is in fact the final number, I am ready to withdraw the statement, but I rely on the information otherwise," said Farkas.

Nenshi responded by saying that his response was not good enough and he called the actions of Farkas dishonest and irresponsible.

"You have information that you have been on November 21. You had information today, December 15, full month later," said Nenshi.

When Farkas refused to withdraw the statement, the Council voted on the Council's proposal. Diane Colley-Urquhart to take her out of the meeting at the meeting until she made an acceptable apology for a breach of the Code of Conduct for a member of the Council.

In the votes cast, each voter voted for the show, except for the Farka itself.

The Council then continued to hold a closed door meeting that was already in progress.

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