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The results of the 2018 elections bring more than 90 new members to the US House, but for Democrats and Republicans, the change can no longer be different because Democrats see a woman and minorities flooding, while Parliament's Republican conference consists mainly of white men. Before the 2018 election, House's Republicans had 23 women – but after retirement, other offices and election losses – the number will fall to only 13 in the 116th Congress as only one Republican woman elected in Parliament in 2018. This GOP bill will come, as a record number of women serve in the new congress – because the rise has been due to the fact that the Democrats in the House are protecting newly elected women from all over the country. This graphic shape makes it even more clear about the change: House Republicans choose quite differently than the Democrats have chosen. pic.twitter.com/KSgFVU4cFx – Erica Werner (@ericawerner) 13 November 2018 At this stage, the Republicans should have some 200 members in the new Congress – and 180 of them are white men. It is 90 percent. Democrats should have some 235 members in the new parliament – 90 of them white men. That's about 38 percent. Republicans have 13 women representing the new representatives. Democrats have almost 90 women legislators. And almost half of these democratic women are non-white. Welcome to the 116th Congress! pic.twitter.com/ElWZO458TC – Mahyar Sorour (@mahyarsorour) November 13, 2018 Washington Post said: "If you get to the white man's house next year, he has a 2-to-1 chance he" It's a Republican. "Democrats they will vote later this week on their leadership in the 116th Congress – and despite some of the newly formed and established Democrats – more and more Nancy Pelosi seems to be able to find 218 votes in January to return to the office of President, the first time that happened after Sam Rayburn in the 1950s During his Thanksgiving, Pelosi fluttered with debilitating democracies and cut off with some such as Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) who had spoken to him against the speaker, for the Pelosi supporters stole repeated public statements on his behalf. "With Nancy Pelosi at House House Democrats give themselves the best opportunity to deliver the promises we have made to all Americans to work, "said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). "To understand what Speaker Pelosi does, we just have to look at what Pelosi has done: take the democratic priorities, such as healthcare from sleep to reality," said Judy Chu (D-CA). One of Pelos's daughters even went on Twitter to remind critics of the fact that the Democratic leader was not alienated to fight the legislative knife states. I mean … no one of us 5 scoops could have told you this years ago. (Some of us did!) #DontMessWithMama #TeamPelosi pic.twitter.com/0bwR6wq41L – Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) November 22, 2018 The congregation's 116th congress has three races that are not final yet: + New York 22 – Add Absences and provisionals are still to be counted in this North New York area, but Democrat Anthony Brindisi is too big for fair Claudia Tenney (R-NY) to win. This is a democratic withdrawal in which the Democrats will receive 39 seats from Parliament. Tenney has not yet admitted. + New York 27 – The countdown has ended and accused of Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) is the winner over Democrat Nate McMurray, who has not yet accepted the defeat. This is GOP's arrest, as the two Republican legislators charged in recent months – Collins and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) – were the winners in November. + California 21 – GOP's news organizations have called this area, but David Valadao (R-CA) has seen his leadership shrink from 1,000 to less than 500 votes. It is possible that Valadao might be caught, but the election inspectors will give their opponents T.J. Cox has a good chance of winning. This would be for the +40 Democrats if this competition turns away from the GOP. Last note – all this calculation is normal. California will drop ballots for a week and will not testify until December 7. If the GOP wins in CA21, there will be 92 new members in 2019. If the Democrats win, the number would be up to 93. That's because it's not just a 21% (just over each of the five legislators would be new), but it would be almost as big as the dramatic change in 2010 when the Tea Party wave crashed through the congress. That year, the whole change was 94 members. That year was unclear to the new Republicans in relation to the new Democrats – but 2019 will be about two-thirds of the new Democrats, while the GOP will have a third.


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