Euthanasia in Canada "slippery slope": worrying Ontario doctors


In December, the federal government has three independent assessments of the much discussed topic on medical aid for dying (MAID).

The Liberals asked the Canadian Academic Council to make assessments of "mature minors' requests, pre-requisites and requests where the mental illness is the only underlying illness" in 2016, when the Canadian MAID legislation was first issued.

"It is too early to comment, reports will be submitted to Parliament by December 13," said Canadian Health Officer Canadian spokeswoman Eric Morrissette.

A young person with adult euthanasia for adults who has not reached maturity but who is mature does not accept medical care (current MAID legislation applies to those aged 18 years or older) who have received the attention of the group, disturbing Ontario doctors and others.

Dr. Kulvinder Gill, chair of the worried Ontario doctors. (MICHAEL PEAKE, Toronto Sun)

Of particular concern is that hospitals claim that there is no "appropriate, practical or ethical difference between the death of consensus (in the case of MAID) and the death of unanimous (lifetime interventions)".

"So it is basically the only attack on the medical background," says COD Chairperson, Pediatrician Dr. Kulvinder Gill.

"It now claims that literally there is no difference in allowing the patient to die due to natural death or death."

Here is more to Gill to say about the subject:

Question: What do you think about this discussion about mature minor and euthanasia?

A. The front page doctors have been kept very dark about this. Most of what we have heard has been through the media, mainly through the international media. And many of these new federal laws, both proposed by extending euthanasia to children and mental hospitalism, pose a threat to the most vulnerable patients.

Q. Are some doctors involved in the Sick Kids Hospital Policy Policy book?

A. There are some (relieving) doctors, but many of the people involved and many of those behind behind most of these panels and political issues are in fact academics or bioethics.

Q. Are countries allowing pediatric euthanasia?

A. The Netherlands and Belgium and they are older in the process. But this (Sick Kids) policy paper even depicted a scenario where it would take place without the family's participation, which is nowhere else in the world.

Q. What do you think this is all about?

A. I think it's a very scary, slippery slope that we're going down. Less than a year ago, Ontario doctors lost their conscience rights. Therefore, they must either participate in the actual MAID treatment or have to participate in an effective transfer process.

Q. What is the most fearful of you?

A. We go down to a very slippery slope where we are basically devoting human life.


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