Saturday , May 8 2021

Farkas left the negotiating chambers "unlikely" on Facebook

Coun. Jerome Farkas was removed from the council chamber by his colleagues on Monday for violating the Council's code of conduct.

The Council voted 14-1 to remove Mr Farkas from the comments he has made on a social media player who has failed the flagship officer.

Farkas published on Facebook that the Council decided to see a 2.3 percent drop in 2019 – which is in contravention of the previous statements by the city's CFO that members of the Council are likely to see a small bill.

"What we have in this Facebook post is not just spin, it's actually false," said Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Nenshi said that Mr Farkas' comments violated the Council Code of Conduct and asked him to apologize and annul the statement.

Farkas refused and a presentation was presented that left him in the chamber for a Monday meeting. Wolf was the only vote against the move.

Earlier in the afternoon, a proposal to freeze a member of a Council member woke up a confusing debate at the Council Chamber.

Representatives of the City Council were intimidating for almost an hour, Ward Sutherland, who sought to freeze Council salaries in 2019 before he finally voted to keep the situation.

"During the debate, it became clear that the slowdown in economic growth would probably have been frozen or cut off our pay," said Nenshi. "So the whole thing became a bit controversial."

The Council's salary is tied to the Alberta economy, and annual adjustments are automatically based on the 12-month average of Alberta Weekly Income.

The final figure for the 2019 salary review is expected to be available on December 20th. Carla Male, Chief Financial Officer, suggested that it probably means a drop of less than one percent.

The Council ultimately voted 9 to 6 against freezing, which means that the Council can adjust its salary automatically in January.

Negotiators Jyoti Gondek, Ray Jones, Evan Woolley, Diane Colley-Urquhart, Farkas and Druh Farrell voted in favor of freezing. The remaining nine Council members, including Sutherland, voted against.

When he was pushed from the chambers on Monday night, Farkas claimed that his Facebook post data was based on information provided by the City Human Resources Department in November.

He also doubled the requirement that the Council expect a payroll in 2019.

"I think it is unfair and undemocratic for the Council to abolish me because it is mainly political or just different opinion," Farkas told reporters.

Nenshi rose briefly from the advisers all over the Council, behind an unified exhibition with the help of Farkas's throwing away.

"Citizens deserve better, citizens do not deserve to get the wrong information and things that are not true," Nenshi said.

"Each of us comes here to steal a public purse. (Each one of us will come to work to try to make this community better every day."

14 city councilors signed a letter to the Honorary Commissioner for the City, which calls for research into Farkas' social media activities.

The meeting has not been attended by meetings for at least eight years.

However, Wolf wandered close to a recent meeting in April with a similar Council Code of Conduct.

At that time, Farkas 'comments on social media at the Council's "many hundreds of secret meetings" were blamed for serving the administrators' work to weaken.

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