Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt makes a surprise return at WWE Starrcade


WWE Starrcade Cincinnati's internal team saw the surprise comeback with the one-time WWE champion and two-time Tag Team Master Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt was last seen on WWE as part of a tag team with Matt Hardy. Two won the Raw Tag Team Championships at Greatest Royal Rumble, but lost the belts to the B-Team's Extreme Rules.

After his defeat Hardy spent time on injury and Wyatta was not seen on the WWE television.

Starrcade's Chief of Raw Materials Baron Corbin came out to give an open challenge to anyone behind to come back and face him.

In response, the lights went out, Wyatt's music hit and the fires came for the first time in months. Not only did he look good, he did not miss one step, walked on Corbin's first night.

Watch these Wyatt enthusiasts and their victory over Corbin:

Although Wyatt originally drew Corbin clean, the acting Director-General refused to accept it. He ordered the match again, this time without a refusal. Corbin could have hoped to give some interest, but the rule would actually favor Wyat. Both Elias and Finn Balor, who have no love for Corbin, helped Wyath to retake the victory.

Corbin's open challenge and Wyatt's return was not originally advertised, and the Starrcade specialty sent on the WWE network has not been announced. From now on, it is still to see how WWE intends to link Wyatt's most important list.


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