Tuesday , April 20 2021

Francis Ngannou receives Jon Jones’ salary request – “Everyone wants a mega salary for a mega-fight”

Jon One day after Jon Jones announced on social media that the only way he would accept a heavyweight title battle against newly crowned champion Francis Ngannou would be if the promotion were to raise his salary.

During those three days, however, things have gone south in a hurry with UFC President Dana White to almost make fun of “Bones” requests, which has led to a very enraged former lightweight champion going as far as asking to break his contract. .

But another man in the equation, Ngannou, understands where Jones is coming from, saying that “Bones,” which asks for more money, is justified, giving the potential size of a 265-pound headline battle. In addition, if they were to talk about numbers, Ngannou would also like to get a little more payment for his services in the mega-fight.

“I think Jon Jones wants this fight,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports (via MMA Junk). “I think he wants it to happen because it’s going to be a massive battle, a mega-battle – basically one of the biggest. I mean, he’s been so long, and he’s been a champion for a very long time, but I think this may be the biggest battle of his career for me. “So I think he wants that thing. He wants to put something like that in his legacy, in his resume, so I really believe he wants this fight to happen,” said the newly crowned champion.

“As for those (numbers), yeah, he’s asking for money. He said, ‘Show me the money,’ but I think it makes sense. I think for a mega-fight, everyone would like to get a mega-salary, (same) as mine. I would like to get a good salary, and all the other fighters there would like to, so there is nothing irrational about this. “

When Ngannou dropped Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 to win the title (video playback here), it’s only logical to believe that “The Predator” salary will rise in his next battle, no matter who he’s in front of. But when it comes to such a pair of tents with the best racing player on earth, a pay rise only matters to all parties.

“Everything is perfectly normal. Everyone expects us to do this so that one day we can have a big payday, a big fight day, and when that moment comes, you’re like, ‘I wish I had what I wanted.’ So I believe it, and I see me “show the money,” a testimony that yes, he really wants to, or if you show the money, he’ll fight, ”Ngannou stated.

History is not on Jones ’(or Ngannou’s) side, as Dana White and Co. have rarely switched to the fighters’ demands for money. This means that if both sides fail to reach an agreement, the expected Heavyweight title battle will crash.

If that happens, things will only get worse for the former 205-pound champion and promotion, which can unfortunately put “Bones” on the ice for a long time.

Unless we still make this happen.

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