Japanese TV show axes BTS performance at atomic bomb t-shirt World news


The Japanese TV network has withdrawn the popularity of the popular K-pop band BTS after one of its members introduced the photo to a t-shirt that seemed to celebrate Hiroshima's atomic bombardments.

The seven-member boy band, which has built a massive international tracking since 2013, was scheduled to appear at TV Asahi's flagship Music Station on Friday night.

But the broadcaster withdrew its invitation this week after Jimin's picture wearing a T-shirt went to the virus.

髙 橋 裕 司 (Yuji T)

I can never accept that act #BTS the member used the atomic bomb t-shirt in a humane way. The problem is not the relationship between Japan and Korea. It's just humanity. pic.twitter.com/x37nZs8pJG

9 November 2018

There are several lines behind the shirt that repeat the words "Patriotism ourhistory (sic) Liberation Korea", a reference to the end of the Japanese 35-year colonial regime on the Korean Peninsula.

It also contains pictures of what appears to be an explosive atomic bomb and the Koreans celebrate their release from the Japanese government in August 1945, the month when the United States made nuclear weapons to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Jim, 23, was reportedly wearing a shirt last August 15, when Koreans mark the end of the Japanese occupation.

"We have seen the news that a member of the T-shirt has left. Asking the record company, we decided to postpone their performances on November 9th," TV Asahi said.

BTS apologized for the cancellation, but did not mention it in T-shirt. "We are sorry for the disappointments that await this. BTS will continue to make efforts to join fans on stage and also through music," the group said.

The line will become a major deterioration of ties between Seoul and Tokyo, which began when South Korea suggested that it came back to the 2015 agreement after the post-war post-war post-war use in Japan and most of them were from the Korean Peninsula.

Japan then withdrew from South Korea's international fleet renewal after Seoul demanded that it would be relieved to rise from its sunshine by a warship. Many South Koreans consider the flag as a symbol of Japanese militarism and colonialism.

Last month, the Supreme Court of South Korea ordered the Japanese company to compensate the four South Korean people that it had used as a forced expulsion – a decision that the Japanese Government called "without approval".

The band's TV appearance will be canceled on the eve of Japan tour, which will begin in Tokyo the next Tuesday and five months after becoming the first K-pop band on the top of the Billboard 200 album album Love Yourself: Tear. This week, the ninth single in Japan, Fake Love / Airplane pt 2, exceeded Oricon's daily single-chart.

The band, also known as Bangtan Boys, appeared in Paris last month in front of the President of South Korea's Moon Jae-in, with whom they later photographed. They have also called the public in London and New York.


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