Saturday , May 8 2021

Kia Stinger GT vs. Tesla Model S 75D car video – video

Two very different big sedans face a straightforward duel – who wins?

Kia Stinger and Tesla Model S are not what you call "natural competitors", despite being set to great luxury sporting ports.

In the UK's new video Top Gear, the editor-in-chief of the release, Jack Rix, competes against the Stinger GT line at the zipper's "input level" model S 75D.

The paper does not differ from the pairs of the transmit and Kia Tesla 270kW and 272kW. The torque with respect to all electronic Tesla power is compared to the 660nm Kia 510Nm cent, while the claimed 0-60mph (0-97 km / h) is separated from the length of every half-second S-model.

In any case, enough numbers to talk, look at the clip below to see who wins:

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