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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Director calms fans after the game

By Shabana Arif,
Sunday, December 16, 2018 18:20 GMT

Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks yesterday, and the leader of the game, Tetsuya Nomura, has released an opinion asking fans to be distributing playable videos.

Xbox One copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 have been released in the wild one month before the release of the game and when the videos that are being played are removed as soon as they are open, director Tetsuya Nomura reassures fans that the "biggest spoilers" epilogue and secret movie – are not included in leaked copies.

Polygon says that the leaked person behind the games got 30 copies of the contact they have with someone involved in making and printing disks in North Carolina.

Someone on Twitter who saw the now deprecated Facebook Marketplace list that says players know about the seller, and on the Twitter thread (deleted, but posted to the imgur) they said, "That's when, no, if he gets caught."

Nomura says the studio is "aware of how this has all happened" and that "the entire team has been working since then [news of the leak] to explore what we can do to improve the situation. "

He asks that fans "do not share these videos" so that players can "just as well experience the whole game after the release."

So beware there when you navigate the thrilling waters of social media.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on January 29, 2019 along with the snazzy Limited Edition PS4 Pro package that you can order right now.

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