Kit Harington prohibits deceptive corpse reflection with the Russian model


Harington has denied that he had a relationship with the Russian model during her Rose Leslie life and after their wedding, and an actor who tells PEOPLE that the claims are "completely false".

Game of Thrones star dismissal comes after the Russian model Olga Vlaslova allegedly shared with the Russian publication, which he said were naked images of Harington, 31, taken in their monthly case ET in Canada.

Vlaslova allegedly claimed that he met Harington in Luxembourg and added that they slept together several times before and after their marriage Leslie, also on June 31.

"The arguments of this story are completely false," the actor's representative tells PEOPLE. "He has not even been in Luxembourg and has never met Olga Vlaslova."

In September, Harington embarrassed Emmy of how his role as Jon Snow led him to Leslie (who loved his love with Ygritte).

"It gave me my family and my life here," Harington told reporters in Emmy's press room. "It was the most important thing for me, and it has changed completely."

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Harington and Leslie, who met at the HBO show, had been romantically reunited since 2012. They brought romance speculation over the years before they confirmed their relationship in April 2016.

They participated in September 2017 and enjoyed a stellar ceremony at Kirnson's Rayne Church in Scotland on June 23rd.

Harington earlier opened his novel in the early days, revealing that the sparks flew Iceland in the high season 2. He mentioned the weeks the favorite of the series is.

"Because the country is beautiful, because the northern lights are magical, and because there was in love," she told Vogue Man. "If you are already interested in someone, and they look to your interest in the show, it will be very easy to fall in love".


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