Saturday , May 8 2021

Kiwibot delivery robot grabs a "human error" after a fire

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Talia Desch

The food delivery robot was destroyed after it came to fire as a "human error", its creator has confirmed.

Kiwibot autonomous delivery robots have been around the University of California, around the Berkeley campus for two years.

On Friday, students found one robot in flames and shared images in social media.

Kiwi explained the reason was a "defective battery" that was accidentally installed in the robot.

"One battery that was idle started to burn, which eventually led to smoke and mild flames," the company said in a statement.

"A member of the community was quick to shut down the flames using a nearby fire extinguisher."

Robots did not go for the first time. In 2017, the screening robot "drowned" when it fell into a fountain. In December 2018, the robot in the amateur store accidentally damaged a knock-on cap that hurt people's employees.

After finding a California fire, Kiwi interrupted all the vehicles and delivered the food doses manually.

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The company stated that it would take steps to ensure that the "rare case" did not happen again.

"Kiwi has set up a custom software that closely follows the status of each battery," the company said.

Kiwi was founded by Felipe Chavez, who moved from Colombia to Berkeley to start a business.

Its bots have delivered over 10,000 meals.

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