Thursday , May 6 2021

None of these people do exist

Look at these pretty ordinary looking portraits. They are all fakes. Not in the sense that they were Photoshopped, but rather they were fully artificial intelligence. That is right: none of these people actually exist.

NVIDIA researchers have released a new article about the genuinely facial design of the genera- tor network (GAN) that can be easily edited.

The Verge points out that GAN has existed for only about four years. In 2014, the geographic paper introduced the concept, and therefore the results of the AI ​​appeared at that time:

In less than a half decade, realism has improved to the point where most people may not be able to tell that portraits are falsified, even if we look closely at them.

NVIDIA researchers can now copy the source styles "styles" to target surfaces that create batches that have copied properties but look completely new to people:

To create these latest faces, NVIDIA researchers trained AI for a whole week using 8 powerful GPUs. Here's a 6 minute video about this latest progress:

Here is a fake face created by AI:

This technology seems to have the potential to interfere with the world of photography. It is not limited in any way to creating a face – it can also create everything from fake interior to real estate images …

… for falsified car pictures …

…falsify cat pictures

November for artificial "photos" has already taken place for years: in 2014 back, 75% of IKEA's imagery was already on the computer.

It can be a daunting idea for photos, but future "photos" of the thin air can be as simple as writing in the AI-powered desktop application.

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