Monday , April 12 2021

Notley does not name 2 NDP MLAs accused of inappropriate behavior due to privacy

According to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, the NDP Advisory Board does not disclose the names of two legislators who are accused of inappropriate behavior.

Notley reports that both cases have been internally processed and that the information and identities reveal no endangered privacy of the selected people.

In both cases, he says the studies decided that behavior could be dealt with through change in education and behavior.

Notley commented last week in his office statement that his NDP election meeting was accused of improper behavior since 2015.

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See below: November 8, 2018 Tom Vernon left this report that the NDP government admitted that two of its members were accused of improper conduct since the term of office.

His office says the complaints were related to events that had taken place outside MLA's workplace.

Criminal justice has not been ruled out in any case.

"They had to be dealt with and taken seriously, and therefore we had an independent study in both cases," Notley said after Monday's announcement to Northern Alberta on Tuesday.

"In both cases, the complainants wanted to remain confidential."

Notley was asked why he not only published the names of the legislators, but kept the details private.

"If you are going to respect the confidentiality of the complainant, you can not begin to parse what the details come out and not come out," he replied.

The government has put forward two issues since last NDP counterpart Robyn Luff said last week that members of the constituencies were warned not to politicize abuse cases involving opposition parties because NDP had its own problems in this area.

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Opposition Conservatives have said they have had one job complaint filed for a member of the session delegation and the matter was resolved through internal legislators.

Luff was removed from the constituency last week when he announced that he was boycotting the legislator to protest what he called cross-control over senior officials in the constituency and board of Notley.

Notley has suggested that Luff is confusing bullying with the old-fashioned parliamentary discipline that Notley says is necessary to make things in the house.

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