Perez proposed a stressful year of 2018, pleased with Lance Force India


Force India leader Sergio Perez said the 2018 season is "the most complicated" when the team faces governance due to financial instability and the acquisition of a new life in a consortium led by Lawrence Stroll.

"It was an intensive season mentally all I needed to do – team management process, negotiation, etc. I decided on a situation that is not ideal for a racing driver." The result of the season has been fantastic, we are the only midfield automobile to win the podium, "Perez said in Yas Marina Circuit third place in 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Perez is called the Monthly Leadership Management "Complex".

"At the same time I had to drive and work best in my team, but it was never easy." We went to a very difficult time, but I'm happy with the result. "We are very far from the top three teams, but our goal is to move as close to the popular as everyone is excited and looking forward to," he said hoping that new investments will help Force India climb the ladder.

In the first season of the new season, Esteban Ocon raises the road to the Williams Racer Lance Stroll.

Perez is eagerly awaiting his new teammate.

"I do not know very much about Lance Walk as a driver, in Formula 1 it's hard to know about another driver, Lance was a bad season because Williams had a lot of problems, he's coming to an excellent team with some of the best engineers in the world so he has good hands is able to offer its full potential. "

When asked if Lance Lawrence's son changed the dynamics of Force India, he said: "It's in everyone's interest that both cars are as strong as possible."

Perez said he never shared an "excellent relationship" with Esteban, but defended his teammate in the collision of Max Verstappen.

"Esteban can not understand any situation, Esteban could not do anything, he had no room, he made a mistake and knew it, I know Max also made a mistake and could have avoided the accident," Perez said.

In the meantime, Esteban is from the Mercedes stand and test drive to the next season.

"Yes this is my last race with Force India, but not the last Formula One race," Esteban said.

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