Friday , February 26 2021

Phil Spencer: Services like the Xbox Game Pass are not a distribution model

Xbox Game Passes play an important role at this time. Rumors have not stopped by dismantling Microsoft's service; the arrival of new games for potential orders that are not yet known.

This brings us to the question of the role that the Xbox Game Pass can play in Microsoft's future? As a judge, Xbox Spinster Phil Spencer spoke about the future of the game distribution and its relationship with the Xbox Game Pass at LevelUP's interview.

Spencer likes services such as the Xbox Game Pass or the like, a big mistake to get access to the fans. In that sense, he said the following: "No, I think it's a bad decision for players." We have a great growth in the Game Pass, we have millions of subscribers, but all the games that are in Game Pass are you can buy them. when you buy them, it's a great way to do it, and if you want to grow your library with monthly subscription services, it's also an excellent way to do it. "I love the fact that you have this option in the forum."

Later, Spencer talked about the best features of the Xbox Game Pass. "I like Game Pass, I love the fact that players are playing more titles before they are Game Pass subscribers. They play genres they had not tried before (…) games that came to the service have significantly increased the number of players."

In recent news, it was confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass service also arrives on the PC.

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