Philips Wake-Up Light Assessment: Relaxing Day


Philips wake up light

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The first thing I thought when I pulled Philips's wake-up light out of the box was that I was probably knocking it in the middle of the night and crushing it.

With its round, bulbous front, it is basically a giant parabolic lamp that sits on your Nightstand. I was sure I'd accidentally hit half asleep and it would turn from the table, crashing on the floor. Although it is heavier, it looks and has a good focus, so it will stay a long while if you come across it.

From $ 69.99, the wake up light will come in different iterations, but it's designed to replace your alarm clock. The bulb doubles on the touch screen with a digital clock. Set the time to rise up and the light gradually turns to simulate sunrise. It's a more peaceful way to wake up in the morning. And also a snooze setting if you are not ready to face the day.

I tested the HF3520, which is usually sold at $ 189.99 but is currently sold at for $ 109.99. With this template you can set two different alarms and have 20 different intensity settings for light. You can even adjust the simulated sunrise time – 20 to 40 minutes.

If you're concerned that light is not enough to wake you up, you can add sound. You can choose from a variety of natural sounds, ring tones, or built-in FM radio.

So, another way to think it is an alarm clock radio huge light. When I set the alarm sound to be safe, most days woke up before the simulated sun hit in the morning.

FM radio and light can also be used regardless of alarm and both operate reasonably. The FM radio is a good reception, especially when there is no antenna. Although channel scanning may be a bit difficult because the drives are not pre-installed.

As for the light, it is a good option if you want to read in bed, for example. However, the beam is not directed and does not light up the device's own physical buttons, which are at the top of the lamp behind. So you may need to turn on the lamp to see where the wake-up light goes out.

Overall, Philips Wake Up Light is a pleasant way to wake up in the morning, even though the price tag may leave you in the suspended sunlight.


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