Tuesday , March 2 2021

Pleased? Not these Raptors, not even after a historic 4-0 trip

SACRAMENTO – The 4-0 tie was not just good. It was historic. And even if the Raptors do not collectively spit on achieving it, it's clear that this is far from as good as they believe it can. "It's just four wins," Kyle Lowry told reporters of four or more games on the first road transport. He fixed it on his shoulders. So it's not a big deal, right? "Keep on getting better," Lowry said. "Nothing special." Then, after a break and knowledge, he said, "A bigger picture." That in a nutshell was the answer from most members of this group after doing something that was not done in the last 23 years. But far from inadequate, this speaks of Raptors' internal expectations. In the dressing room they are not really so excited about the way they played on this trip by defeating Phoenix, Lakers, Utah, and on Thursday night the kings. "Just find a way," Fred VanVleet said. giving you the right theme for the whole trip. "None of these (winnings) was particularly beautiful except for the Lakers game, and even in the second half, we (we're getting them) run, but it's just a game, it's a way to win, I think each of the four games was different in itself, it speaks for versatility and our caliber team. "But satisfied? Not this group. "I think we were lucky enough to get here," said guard Danny Green. "You look up and down the line, I think the only thing that we hit was a rebounding, but it's a good sign for us, it shows how good this team can be, although it was an ugly night for us, we can grind it and come out with a win. "Again, that was something they did in Phoenix, and after the mighty first quarter of Utah before they were straightened up. Green's view and consider him one of the club's best analysts, the 11-1 record so far is just a sign of what Raptors can be. The last thing he wants is in any room to start this season's assurance that the Raptors, even though they got into the NBA best record on Friday, are better than everyone else. "Every other team is still trying to figure it out," Green said. "Not many teams have formed. I think we have a good group of people back from last year with a few addition, which makes it easier, but I'm eager to see how we are when we are 100% healthy." And health has been quite fleeting the team throughout the season. They already have five rotating jobs – Delon Wright, VanVleet, Kawhi Leonard, Norm Powell and C. J. Miles – bad luck injury and sixth OG Anunoby, who has lost two games due to personal problems. "Two steps forward, one step back, right?" Said VanVleet. "You just want to continue moving and continue moving up, I think I had a good game in Utah, OG has looked good in the last couple of games, and apparently Kawhi takes a while, I mean, when he (scared) is like starting every time, but 25 ( It's like we say pre-season, this takes time, but 10 and 11 games start to blink and next 10 you're trying to build what you did to the previous 10, "VanVleet said," Head coach Nick Nurse is really confused about his results, considering how much he needs with this group, and he knows that this team is far from the top. "I would say that 35% of defense systems are not still and the crime is about the same, "the nurse said on Wednesday." There are a lot of things that go there and a lot of things we still want to test whether they can be effective later. "Then there is the question of Kawhi Leonard, whom we have seen so far, and can expect that the season will continue. Leonard himself suggests that he only scratches the surface yet. "We have a lot of potential," he said after his first match for two consecutive absences due to foot injury. "I think we can do better. This is not our limit with me, even without knowing it part of the crime. We have Kyle playing most of the time. He controls the ball and the tempo. When I start learning about a violation, I can even give him a little break and give him easier shots even though he is playing well right now. He leads us to the winnings. "Some of us, well, I just say to me, I really do not know the offense yet and out," Leonard added, which is a little shrinking his own role so far. "Yes, we have the potential, only part of my defense, it feels like we can talk more, cycles, I mean you see Sekalaisten me there and Kyle or other friends on the floor, only our chemistry, I feel we can get better." But that's still early, "he added." We still have a lot of opportunities. We can be sure of where we are, but we still have some kind of fear of knowing that guys can beat us. Just keep in mind wanting better, because this is not where we want (from above). We want to be the best team. "All this, just the best trip to the history of the franchise, fix the Raptors fans, and the cruise is just about to start. INCOMPLETE BREAKS Without the question Raptors want more, but on Friday the locker room had at least one conversation that really acknowledged their last achievement. Four consecutive wins on the four-game road may not be unusual, but it's not so common in the NBA. "Really hard, really hard," Fred VanVleet said when he asked how difficult it was to pull off the perfect ride. "Me and Danny (Green) we talked about it It's very rare that you see that teams at either conference (Western) teams do not go unbeatable on their east coast trips and eastern teams do not go unbeatable on the west coast, that's just something that you're almost "Green has had some very good teams in his 10 NBA seasons, including the title of the championship season at San Antonio Spurs in 2014. This was rare for him as well. "As long as I've been playing, I do not think I've done this before," Green said. "Even San Antonio, it was not many times that would go unbeatable, especially three or more games." Mganter@postmedia.com

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