Saturday , May 8 2021

Ron Taverner stays with the Toronto police despite the appointment of the OPP leader

Ron Taverner, who has filed for an Ontario Provincial Police Officer, has terminated his dismissal papers as the Toronto Police Officer.

Taverner filed documents to reverse his divorce on Saturday, Toronto police said. Chief Mark Saunders approved the move on Sunday night.

"Today's head is again the Head of Unit for the Northwest Party," said Meaghan Gray, a police spokesman.

The long-term Toronto police at the Ontario Progressive Conservative was controversial as the next leader of the OPP at the end of November. Taverner is a 51-year veteran from the Toronto police, who heads the Etobicoke division.

Former OPP Commissioner Brad Blair has asked the courts to provide Indian Ombudsman Paul Dube with investigating Mr Taverner's recruitment after the Ombudsman's rejection of his request for an investigation.

Ontario NDP and Citizens' Representative Democracy Watch have also called for studies on appointment.

Taverner had previously asked him to be postponed as police commander in the province after Blair had asked for a study. He was originally supposed to conquer today.

Ford denies participation

Taverner, a friend of Premier Doug Ford, did not meet the original requirements for job posting. The PC government has said that it reduced the validity of the work to attract a wider range of applicants.

Ford has repeatedly refused to attend Taverner's appointment and said that the decision was made on a recruitment panel.

Former opposition leader Andrea Horwath, who has repeatedly criticized Taverner's nomination for concern about political interference, told Queen's Park reporters Taverner's decision was "relieved."

Horwath explained that Taverner's controversial meeting has caused concern in Ontario.

He also reiterated his request for an own-initiative inquiry by the Committee on the Independent Emergency.

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