Sunday , May 16 2021

Saudi trade: The reporter says that many workers' jobs are in danger of withdrawing

The effect of the canceled agreement on the delivery of Saudi Arabia to London-built military vehicles would also be deeply felt by those of the kind who supply General Dynamics and its Oxford Street East factory.

Armatec Survivabilty in London supplies most of the GDLS Canada armored vehicles in the Middle East and "a significant amount" of its employees lose their jobs if it is canceled, said Rod Flick, Business Development Director, Armatec.

"We will set places in these vehicles. It would have a great impact," said Flick, adding now to employ just over 100.

GDLS has said that its suppliers nationwide – including 240 in London – employ directly or indirectly 13,500 people.

Armatec Factory in Dorchester (Free Press File)

"Canada has other ways to put pressure on it than cancel this. The Saudis just go and buy vehicles elsewhere," Flick said.

Flick will go to Ottawa this week by pressing Global Affairs Canada not to cancel the deal, he added.

Flick has also met a number of MPs and MPPs, so it is a matter of defending the agreement.

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