Saturday , May 8 2021

Snoop Dogg thinks someone likes Kanye West's phone

Snoop Dogg has been enough Kanye WestTwitter tricks. He suggests that the controversial rapper ponders the social media and possibly a talk show.

Like all of us, Big Snoop has ridiculed Yeezy's content when the rapper was on Twitter, blasting Drake to separate him and heard it threaten him and his family, and calling Travis Scott that one of the above-mentioned violations is in his "Sicko Mode" track. It has been one big soap opera and Snoop thinks it suffices. On Saturday (15 December) he spoke about Instagram.

In the video, the rapper throws the vehicle while listening to Drake's "From Time" track, clearly telling where he stands. "Some really shit, cuz. Are you tired of nigga Kanye West and these tweets?" The reason I am, "Snoop said.

"I see why nigga, you and the Donald Trump Hangout," he added. "Nigga, all your bundles like a mother, I think nigga needs Dr Phil or Maury, do you know what?" "Nigga needs Jerry Springer."

Finally, Snoop thinks Kanye's phone is seizure. "Someone takes a nigga phone," he suggested. "He's a nasty fool, you take out your pers_pron from your phone and go to the nigga in real life, and do not tell the whole fucking thing to the world, what you're going through, do not let it go!"

Snoop has been very loud horrified by Kanye's way through 2018.

See Snoop's latest post below.

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