Saturday , May 8 2021

Spider-Man: In The Spider-Verse Asks Box Office Record

The new animation The Spider-Man movie, The Into the Spider-Verse, is not only a success with critics, but it also makes big companies at the ticket office.

The film was opened last weekend and it made $ 35.4 million for the first three days in the US. This sets a new all-time record for any animated movie that was released in December. Into Spider-Verse was the first movie of the weekend by far, and Clint Eastwood's The Mule ($ 17.2 million) came in second place for three days.

The Spider-Verse has an incredible A + CinemaScore rating for movie visitors, suggesting that the movie will run well on the second weekend and possibly out there.

In their international box office, Into the Spider-Verse has now made $ 56.4 million after one weekend. The movie had announced a $ 90 million budget.

Spider-Verse is just the latest Sonic Spider-Man movie that creates the character Spider-Man and other Marvel. Sony's Spider-Man movie, Spinoff Venom, was a massive success at the ticket office when he bought more than $ 850 million.

The Spider-Verse contains the voice of Shameik Moore as Miles Morales's leader.

In GameSpot's Into the Spider-Verse Meg Downey wrote that the film is "a fast-paced classic and fortunately a company of many species".

You can see the Top 10 box sales chart below, such as EW. It should be noted that the CGI full Steampunk movie Mortal Engines Peter Jackson and other veterans of Lord of the Rings has slowly slowed down and could end up losing $ 100 million or more.

December 14-16, Domestic Box Office

  1. Spider-Man: In The Spider-Verse – $ 35.4 million
  2. Mule – $ 17.2 million
  3. Grinch – $ 11.6 million
  4. Ralph is breaking the Internet – $ 9.6 million
  5. Mortal Engines – $ 7.5 million
  6. Creed II – $ 5.4 million
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody – $ 4.1 million
  8. nstant family – $ 3.72 million
  9. Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald offenses – $ 3.65 million
  10. Green Paper – $ 2.8 million

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