The head of the STM admits that the metro in Montreal is too crowded and desperately demands a new line


"It's a season ticket.

When cold temperatures and heavy rains return, thousands of other people in the Montreal region rely on public transport. When highways become too dangerous, the metro is the safest option.

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TL; DR Philippe Schnobb, Chairman of the STM, told La Presse that a new subway line is needed to reduce congestion during peak hours.

STM has already grown to 5.5% en route. If this trend continues, winter could be one of the poorest migrants.

The metro in Montreal is heavily overloaded. The introduction of the new Azur metro car was intended to relieve some of this population, but they do not have much time to deal with longer-term issues.

Thousands flee the STM train at peak hours. The Berri-UQAM station, network center, STM officers must remain on the platforms to organize distressed passengers.

That is why the mayor of Montreal Valérie Plante rose to his office by the promise of the new STM "Pink" line that would go north of Montreal through the center of Lachine in the west.

According to him, such a line is the only one a way to relieve the Orange line.

Today it is clear that STM the administration supports a similar project.

By The Presse, Philippe Scnobb, The chairman of the STM now claims that a new metro line at Berri-UQAM station may be the only way to reduce major traffic jams.

This is exactly the path by Plante's Pink the line would be taken from the previous rendered information.

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Of course, the current CAQ of the province the government strongly opposes the project.

The right party in the center has promised prioritize suburban roads to the city center transit.

But these latest Schnob's comments are certainly encouraging.

STM is also getting a bad week. Buses and breaks in buses have dominated the titles this month. The possibility of a new metrology line may be just empty talk to satisfy the rage of customers.

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